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Simtek EMS makes their first stand

1st November, 2005

Exhibition Stand
Following their management buyout in April 2004, Simtek EMS Ltd will be taking their first ever exhibition stand at the Southern Manu­facturing and Electronics Exhibition on 8-9 February 2006 at Thorpe Park.

Simtek has historically made waterproof radio equipment such as handheld radios, radar and satellite navigation for the marine market. Now they have branched into new areas of subcontract manufacturing, adapting services and skills that are already provided. The product range now includes items for the automotive, aeronautical and medical electronics sectors, as well as audio equipment such as mixing desks, amplifiers and equalisers for recording studios.

Simtek’s skills and equipment enable it to assemble both Surface Mount and conventional printed circuit boards, rechargeable or primary battery packs, and any electromechanical assembly. Services also include tampo printing of product identification and packing the final product for despatch to wherever the customer requires. Supply chain management and Production Engineering are also key services that Simtek provide.

Of course, customers can also choose to use Simtek for any one of the individual specialist services provided.