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Electronic Manufacturing of life affirming, life enhancing, life protecting and life saving products.

Simtek EMS manufacture products destined for a variety of applications including medical, marine, instrumentation, automotive, navigation, audio, leisure and industrial electronics as well as the production of battery power packs for a variety of industries and market sectors.

Combining excellent customer service, engineering expertise and the manufacture of relatively complex products to the latest ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality standards, Simtek EMS are able to offer value-added products on a short lead-time.

Simtek Electronic Manufacturing

Services we offer

Turn-Key Solutions

Providing complete finished and tested boxed products ready for distribution.

Conventional PCB Assembly

Leaded or Lead-free Through Hole component assembly to complement SM PCB assembly.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

High speed placement of either Leaded or Lead-free fine pitch components from 0201 through to BGA.

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Enabling services including Cable and Wiring, Ultrasonic Welding, Pad Printing and Conformal Coating.

Cost effective assembly in the UK

In a reversal of previous trends, customers are now realising that offshore manufacturing is not suited to every company. Two key areas often overlooked are the assumption that lower labour costs will automatically boost profits and that equal productivity levels will be achieved. Other aspects are the costs associated with long distance engineering support, relatively large batch sizes and long lead times.

Many companies are now experiencing that the net gain isn’t as large as anticipated especially if their customers demand lower prices when they realise that the product build has moved offshore.

In response to this, Simtek has worked hard to integrate lean principles to all processes whilst controlling overheads thus offering a cost effective alternative now that the tide has turned back to the UK.

Simtek are successfully independent and privately owned since 2004. We offer cost effective assembly in the UK using internationally sourced components, employing automation where possible.

Assembled in the UK

Quality Management Systems

Simtek EMS Ltd is certified to the latest standards for both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 by AJA Registrars. Thereby capable of providing products and services of a consistent quality that comply with the related local and international regulatory requirements.


Workmanship & Training

IPC Certified Logo

Simtek EMS Ltd is committed to providing employees with training tailored to suit the needs of our customers. This includes technical apprenticeships for both school leavers and mature employees.

Formal training for electronics manufacturing techniques, workmanship standards and quality control is performed in conjunction with and certified by the internationally recognised IPC organisation.

Click here to find out more about our workmanship and training.

In-house Procurement

Sourcing and procurement of all components is undertaken in-house to ensure that costs are controlled and that the customer gains true value. Supply sources are under constant revue to ensure cost effective solutions are not compromised by either quality or performance.

Local, national or offshore suppliers are used dependent upon specifications laid down within the customer’s requirements. If it is the case that a more cost effective offshore component source is available, then Simtek have contacts, experience and trading history in these areas.

Simtek operates SAP Business One software on its’ own local server network. Click here to find out more about our sourcing and procurement.

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