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Simtek EMS hits the East

19th June, 2006

32 channel audio mixing desk
In a move which seems to reverse all current trends, SIMTEK EMS Ltd in Margate have recently completed a 32 channel audio mixing desk for the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Providing the total manufacturing facility for the designers, Trident Oram Professional Audio, Simtek have delivered a bespoke console to be used in the training of students in the skills of analogue audio techniques.

Simtek has historically made waterproof radio equipment such as handheld radios, radar and satellite navigation for the marine market.

The company have branched into new areas, adapting services they already provide, for the automotive sector as well as audio equip­ment such as the mixing desks, amplifiers and equalisers for recording studios.

“One of the great things we do is to offer the ability to make a customer’s entire product. The mixing console is a great example of this – incorporating surface mount and conventional PCBs, electromechanical assembly and even upholstery and woodworking skills.”

– Richard Samuel, Technical Director.